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Quality advantage ADVANTAGES /QUALITY
Geely has consistently adhered to the "quality is the starting point for the dignity of the enterprise, is the starting point for the customer's respect for the starting point" of product quality concept.
Production advantages ADVANTAGES /PRODUCTION
Rely on strict management, according to the market changes to adjust production, the real problem for customers.
Regional distribution DISTRIBUTION /REGIONAL
Regulate regional distribution, protect the interests of dealers and consumers, guide the dealer management and marketing development, standardize the market management.

Innovation advantage ADVANTAGES /INNOVATION
The company has a high-quality R & D team, different products from time to time to guide the user's consumption concept; for the success of the distributor of the road, more in the market to establish their own unique product style and brand image.
Service advantage ADVANTAGES /SERVICE
Perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale service system, for the dealer, the user provides a "three heart" security, buy the rest assured, with ease, we have confidence. With the "three heart" principle, the Geely door is now for the new heights.

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